Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

1.    What is the earliest that we may set up?

Vendors may set up as early as 10 AM, and we request that you not tear down until 4 PM when the event ends.

2.    Can we be placed near an electrical outlet?

We do our very best to accommodate all of our vendors' requests. However, please understand that there are a limited number of electrical outlets inside the gymnasium, so placement near an outlet may not be possible. Sending in your registration as early as possible increases your chances of being placed near an outlet. 

3.    Will our booth be inside or outside?

We offer you a choice of inside or outside placement, and will try to grant your preference as best we can. Some products, such as perishable foods, require inside placement for safety reasons. Otherwise, we place vendors on a first-come, first-served basis.

4.    Can we offer food samples?

Yes, you can, IF you have the appropriate food safety and health permits and documents. Please let us know if you need assistance in obtaining the requisite documentation.

5.    Do you need volunteers?

Our volunteers help make our event what it is, and they usually get rave reviews. Yes, we can use more.

6.    Are there recurring volunteer opportunities?

Yes, there are a few volunteer opportunities throughout the year.

7.    How many people are expected to attend the Dallas VegFest?

Attendance is difficult to predict, but it increases each year. We anticipate approximately 2000 attendees this year.

8.    Do you have a list of other vendors who will be participating?

We compile the list of vendors as they register. It will be published prior to the event as well as on the event-day program.

9.    Is it too late to be a vendor at this event?

No, not at this time. However, it is not wise to wait to register for a spot at The Dallas VegFest.

10. Do you provide tents or would we have to bring our own?

It is better if you provide your own tent. In rare instances, we may be able to provide a tent for you, but at an increased registration price.

11. Can we use a cooler?

The Kiest Park Recreation Center is a City of Dallas facility. The City's regulations prohibit coolers inside the Exhibit Hall (gymnasium). Coolers are allowed outside.

12. Is the event dog friendly?

Many of the exhibits, vendors, and classes are held within the recreation center. This is a  City of Dallas building, therefore, dogs are not allowed inside. However, they may be outside the building in the park.

13. What is the schedule of events?

Event hours are 11am-4pm. The actual schedule for the year will be published on all social media forums (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) the week before the event.

14. How do I register?

Register on the website by visiting our “Get Involved” page! Participants may also register at the door.

15. What is the fee that we need to pay to attend the Dallas Veg Fest?

The Dallas Veg Fest is free!

16. What should I bring to the event with me?

Wear or bring comfortable clothes and shoes, especially if you wish to participate in a fitness class. Yoga participants should bring their own mats. Feel free to also bring water, although there will be some at the event.

17. Are alcoholic beverages permitted?

No. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted at the venue.

18. Will food be available?

There will be food for purchase from food trucks and some vendors.

19. Will there be sufficient parking at the event?

Yes. There are parking lots and street parking spaces adjacent to the recreation center. We ask that attendees do not park in the circle directly in front of the recreation center, as food trucks and vendors will occupy those spaces.

20. What will happen in the case of bad weather?

In the vent that the weather becomes severe, we will respond appropriately to ensure safety of our participants.

Have questions not listed on the FAQ page? Please directly email or visit our contact page HERE.