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FEED Oak Cliff hosts The Dallas VegFest

Dallas Veg Fest 2017 is a free indoor-outdoor festival celebrating great nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, sponsored by Feed Oak Cliff, a non-profit organization committed to bringing healthy food choices and food consumption based educational opportunities.

FEED Oak Cliff strives to uplift community

It’s a shoppers’ utopia, if you are not used to going to colorful and organized grocery stores filled with fresh fruit and vegetables – cleaned, chopped and ready to dine on.

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Oak Cliff residents hopeful for more development with restaurant's opening

The grand opening of a new restaurant in South Oak Cliff is drawing large crowds and a big buzz that many neighbors hope will attract more positive development in that area.

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City Ready to Spend Millions To Make Food Deserts Bloom, But Will It Work?

One day in November 2014, Anga Sanders had a revelation when she walked into an Albertson’s at McKinney and Lemmon Avenues. She stopped in her tracks, staring at the salad bar just a few yards within the entrance of the store — the fresh greens, the tomatoes, bell peppers, bacon bits, even pineapple toppings — and realized that there was absolutely nothing like this south of the Trinity River.

Dallas group inspired by success of Mission Waco's Jubilee Market

The city of Dallas in the summer of 2016 offered $3 million to anyone who would open at least one grocery store and preferably more to eliminate a sprawling food desert in south Dallas, an area dotted by impoverished, high-crime neighborhoods.

'FEED Oak Cliff' Fights for Grocery Store in South Dallas

It has been more than a year since the Dallas council members officially offered a $3 million incentive to a full-service, quality grocery store chain to build in southern Dallas. As of May 24, the city has yet to receive any substantial proposals.

Access to fresh food is Urgent

"Without vision, the people perish."

This passage from Proverbs can also describe the food deserts of America. Failure to provide access to healthy food is an injustice with far-reaching implications. Without vision, these deserts proliferate.

The Fight for Clean Diets: Anga Sanders Won’t Stop Until Fresh Food Comes Easy in her Neighborhood

Anga Sanders walked into Albertson’s in Uptown to buy groceries after work as usual, but on this day, she was stricken.

Efforts to Nourish the Dallas Food Desert

Several efforts are underway to nourish the Dallas Food Desert, vast areas where full service grocery stores are more than a mile away from people.